How is EarthCast™ Different?

by / Thursday, 20 November 2014 / Published in EarthCast Technologies, LP

In one word . . . Innovation.

Our president and founder has spent his entire career exploring, defining, and predicting the Earth’s combined air, sea and land systems. With a PhD in Atmospheric Sciences and 40+ years of developing cutting-edge applications for Earth system science, he spent decades at NASA spearheading the development of Earth observing satellites that now monitor the entire planet. He also developed the technology in use today at almost every television station across the globe to track severe weather and tornadoes, literally changing the way we see weather every day and saving countless lives. It is his expertise in understanding the global picture and his passion for developing innovative products that save lives and push the boundaries of our understanding of the environment that are the foundation of how we are different.

Understanding weather and the Earth system is our foundation, but being able to process the thousands of channels of satellite data coming from space and combining that with cutting edge prediction technology and products is where we soar far above our competition. Recent advances in technology make it possible for us to process the vast amounts of data that flow from the constellation of Earth observing satellites and we use these data to produce a complete and highly detailed assessment of the Earth in near real time. Our team of IT and super computing experts utilize the latest technologies in data handling and super computing to combine this complex real time assessment with cutting edge prediction technology to create ultra precise monitoring and prediction products for many applications.

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