Our History

Timeline to Environmental Intelligence

A Better Way

EarthCast Technologies (ECT) was founded on the belief that by more fully utilizing the copious amounts of real-time space-based observations of our planet, we could dramatically improve the accuracy of predictions about environmental hazards and their impacts.

With extensive backgrounds in satellite observations, numerical weather prediction (weather modeling), scientific research, communications and commercial broadcast services, ECT was formally founded in 2014 with the intention of revolutionizing the way that we process and utilize environmental observations and predictions.

Pushing the boundaries of science and technology

Commercializing the Earth Observing System (EOS)

The first weather satellite was launched into orbit around the Earth in April of 1960. TIROS-1 revolutionized the way that we think about our planet by providing the ability to look back at Earth from space. Now, more than sixty years later, there are over 50 Earth observing satellites in orbit that continuously monitor the Earth system, generating thousands of channels of global data in real time.

Modern space-based observations of the Earth are extremely precise measurements of our planet’s environment (i.e., land, oceans, atmosphere) used to monitor, predict and assess how our Earth’s system changes over time. EarthCast leverages advancements in satellite sensor capabilities (i.e., coverage, resolution and scanning frequency) to improve modeling and commercialize a new generation of products and services.

The quest to pioneer Earth system monitoring and prediction

Bringing together key technologies to revolutionize an industry

Coming from careers with NASA, research universities, and commercial severe weather services, our founders recognized the potential of the Earth Observing System to revolutionize weather predictions through leveraging the thousands of channels of satellite data coming from space in real-time.

Unfortunately, in the early 2000’s, modern computing had not advanced far enough allow us to process the vast amounts of satellite data quickly and economically. That didn’t stop us from building experimental systems on personal servers to develop modern assimilation and prediction techniques that would become the foundation of a new generation of numerical weather prediction.

Soon we were achieving breakthroughs in accuracy and consistency, but our models were taking too long to run for real-time applications. We knew that to truly impact the industry we needed supercomputers worth millions of dollars. The breakthrough we needed came when on-demand high-performance computing (HPC) became available around 2010 allowing us to leverage thousands of computer cores in parallel to process the huge environmental data sets and integrate those into prediction models. We spent years analyzing, designing, and perfecting this process.

After achieving significant advancements in pioneering weather monitoring and prediction capabilities, our team was ready. In 2014, EarthCast Technologies, LP was founded. 

Exciting advances happen where innovation and R&D meet

Innovating environmental solutions

With stable and reliable commercial services running for over a decade, we have become experts utilizing on-demand high-performance computing to combine real-time global observations with cutting-edge prediction technologies.  Our scientific understanding of weather and the Earth system is our foundation and strength.

Developing solutions for difficult problems requires a deep understanding of the data, its strengths and weaknesses, and often includes pushing the boundaries of science and technology to develop innovative and never-before-seen tools and products that change the way that we use environmental information for critical decision-making. We also invest heavily in research and development by competing for Small Business Innovation Research opportunities, and by working closely with our clients and partners to improve the quality and effectiveness of our products.

To date, we have pioneered numerous advancements, including operational global monitoring and prediction systems, turbulence predictions for aviation, hydrology predictions, and ultra-rapid update predictions for extreme weather, air quality, wildfires and much more.

Pioneering Earth System Environmental Intelligence

The next revolution is here.

With an ever-expanding network of industry experts, partners, and clients, we are leveraging our core technologies to produce innovative, specifically tailored operational products to support that support the needs of mission critical environmental challenges and truly define the next generation of environmental intelligence. 

EarthCast is committed to staying on the cutting edge of Earth observing sources, advanced modeling, and high-performance computing to develop and operationalize the next generation of environmental information that far exceeds the “weather” information of the past. Environmental intelligence provides the situational awareness and prediction information needed to be able to make decisions about environmental impacts in any situation, at any location on the planet, with confidence. We are transitioning our commercially successful technologies into solutions for national defense and are actively engaged in research to improve the overall state of environmental prediction sciences.

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