Live Demonstrations: EarthCast’s Instant Situational Awareness for Environmental Threats

Global, High-Resolution, Real-Time, Rapid Update Observations & Predictions for Decision Making

Whole Earth System
Global Product Coverage

Global Weather Radar
Global Cloud Tops
Global Turbulence
Global Contrail Avoidance
Global Wave Heights
Global Surface Visiblity
Global Winds Aloft & more!

High Resolution
Hyperlocal Intelligence 

250m – 1km Resolutions
Site Specific Awareness
Decision Making Quality
1km Low Altitude Aviation Products
Vegetation, Terrain, Soil Conditions 
Custom Route Awareness
WIldfire Monitoring & more!

Near-Real Time
NowCast Monitoring

NowCast Technology
1 – 15 min Ultra Rapid Updates
Low Latency HPC Processing
Near-Real Time Observations
Surface to 100K ft Flight Levels
Space Weather to 2700km+ 
Ionosphere & Stratosphere TEC

Next Gen Predictions for
Situational Awareness

Enhanced Prediction Capabilities
Automated Hazard Identification
Polygon Mapped Hazards
Whole Atmosphere & Hydrology
4D Full Earth System Gridded Data
Total Customization Control
Threat Alerting & more!
 Live Demo Sandboxes:
Live Hyperlocal Observations Specialized for Low Altitude Aviation & more!
ShadowCast Live! Global Contrail Avoidance & Turbulence Monitoring at Flight Levels
Global 36 Hour Predictions for Precipitation, Clouds, WInds, Surface, Hazards & more!