Our Leadership

Former NASA, NOAA, EPA, DoD & academic experts trailblazing Environmental Intelligence

EarthCast Leadership Team

EarthCast leadership is comprised of former NASA, NOAA, EPA, DoD, academic and commercial experts specializing in environmental intelligence services including environmental modeling, high-performance computing, big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced system architecture, historical archiving, data handling and visualization.

Greg Wilson, PhD

Space Sciences Gov Executive Manager
Earth System Research Scientist 

President & CEO

Pamela McCown

Science Communicator

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Jack Britt, PhD

Futurist & Scientist
Agriculture, Physiology & Biochemistry

Vice President

Ryan Wilson

Enterprise Software Development
Computer Information Systems

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Jamie Dyer, PhD

Atmospheric and Hydrological Scientist Geophysical Interdisciplinary Applications

Chief Science Officer (CSO)

Chad A. Mello, PhD

Computer Scientist & Professor
Geophysical Machine Learning & Autonomy

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Jeff Vukovich

Atmospheric and Earth System Scientist  

Director of Environmental Modeling

Brig Gen Bob Grey (Ret)

Environmental Intelligence Applications

Director of Programs

Col David Bennett

Business Strategist

Director, Business Development