EarthCast is Innovating for the DoD

SBIR contracts deliver advanced technologies to the U.S. Army, Air Force & Space Force


EarthCast partners with commercial entities, universities, research labs, non-profits, and government agencies, including the Department of Defense.

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)

As a primary line of business innovation, EarthCast successfully competes for SBIR/STTR contracts.

EarthCast is active in the DoD space and has won SBIR contracts with the U.S. Army, Air Force and the Space Force including Commercial Services for Weather Forecasting, High-Resolution Rapid Refresh Weather Nowcasts, Weather Support for Hypersonics and UAS, and weather Situational Awareness in the Cockpit. We are actively seeking additional Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III partners and opportunities for commercialization.


Exploration, merit, feasibility, develop, evaluate and commercialize


Prime, subcontractors, or technology mentors

Advanced Technology Network

At EarthCast, we are always expanding our advanced technology network with industry connections, clients and partnerships to leverage access to new sources of data and advances in Earth system monitoring, atmospheric sciences, numerical weather prediction, high-performance computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

It takes an empowered village to pioneer a new generation of cutting edge environmental intelligence products, services and solutions.

Research & Development

Staying on the cutting edge of pioneering environmental intelligence solutions requires substantial investment and planning into emerging technologies and research.

EarthCast conducts research with commercial entities, universities, research labs, DoD, and national weather agencies to enhance product development while leveraging emerging technology resources and data processing methods to customize existing products and bring new and evolved environmental intelligence solutions into operations.

EarthCast Demos

Interested in checking out some live demonstrations of EarthCast’s Instant Situational Awareness for Environmental Threats? Click below to see some live samples of our Global, High-Resolution, Real-Time, Rapid Update Observations & Predictions for Decision Making!