Pioneering Environmental Intelligence

Mission Critical Intelligence from Space

What is Environmental Intelligence?

Driven by meteorological and environmental conditions and predictions, Environmental Intelligence is the integration of four key technology advancements that provide mission critical decision making:

1. Revolutions in Earth Observing Data
2. Revolutions in Computing for Information Generation
3. Revolutions in Knowledge Building
4. Environmental Intelligence developed and communicated using Proven Science and Advanced Scientific Visualizations

The four building blocks for EarthCast’s Environmental Intelligence.

Revolutions in Observations, Information and Knowledge

Every minute of every day, there are hundreds of satellites with thousands of sensors monitoring our global atmosphere, land, ice and oceans from space. Today’s weather service providers only use a fraction of this data for modern weather products. The Earth Observing System data represents an opportunity to significantly advance the ability to monitor and predict our global environment in real-time and utilize that data with numerical prediction technologies to create customized solutions that enable a new generation of environmental intelligence.

Pioneering Environmental Intelligence

At EarthCast, we leverage high-performance computing to gather and assimilate vast amounts of real-time observational data. We process, quality control and feed it into prediction models where we synthesize raw information into environmental knowledge. We then develop products and data services that effectively communicate that information clearly for decision-making., pioneering environmental intelligence for our customers.

Revolution 1: Earth Observing System Data

Air & Space

Hydrology, Land &

Earth System
Multi-Model Optimization 

Earth Observing System
Data Assimilation

Advanced Environmental Intelligence R&D Partnerships

Operational Environmental Modeling

Our science and technology experts continuously invent new solutions in environmental intelligence.

EarthCast pioneers advances in Earth observing and prediction sciences, data assimilation and modeling techniques to create custom environmental intelligence monitoring and prediction products. 

Revolution 2: High Performance Computing

Environmental Intelligence Solutions

Ultra Rapid Update Predictions

Client Unique
Products & Solutions

High-Performance Computing

Data Handling &

Displays &

Customized projects or end to end environmental scientific and engineering services.

We understand environmental science, computing and engineering technologies and we provide client solutions to difficult environmental impact challenges.

Revolution 3: Information into Knowledge


Department of Defense




Emergency Management




Environmental Change

Empower the ability to make mission critical tactical decisions with environmental intelligence.

EarthCast provides new and evolving products and services for multiple industries impacted by environmental conditions.