On April 1, 1960 NASA launched the first weather satellite into orbit around the Earth. TIROS-1 revolutionized the way that we think about the Earth, providing us the ability to look back at our planet from space. Now, more than fifty years later, there are over 50 earth-viewing satellites in orbit that continuously monitor the Earth system, generating thousands of channels of global data in real time.

EarthCast™ combines these global observations with cutting edge prediction technology using highly specialized super computers, to produce high resolution monitoring and prediction data for the entire Earth system.

The end result is that EarthCast Technologies, LP can produce extremely high resolution predictions for any place on the globe – in real time. This information, specifically designed for decision making, provides a truly global-to-local capability allowing you to prepare for what is coming, instead of just responding to it.

With great power comes great responsibility and we embrace this step forward changing the way environmental predictions are made and how they are used forever.


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