Why aren’t others doing this?

by / Thursday, 20 November 2014 / Published in EarthCast Technologies, LP

There are more than 100 instruments on board the current constellation of Earth observing satellites that look back at our planet gathering critical data about the land, oceans and atmosphere. The data streams back to Earth as thousands of channels of data every minute of every day. How much data is that? About the size of the Library of Congress, every hour.

There are very few people in the world who understand the full breadth of observations that are made of the Earth and even fewer who know how to utilize the resulting satellite data feeds to generate information products. That knowledge, combined with years of experience in developing and refining the most advanced and accurate global prediction models and products are what make EarthCast Technologies, LP so unique.

It is in our nature to push the boundaries of science and technology by developing innovative and never-before seen tools and products that will change the way that we use environmental information for critical decision-making.

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