Moving EarthCast Technologies from Idea to Production EarthCast Technologies produces the most advanced realtime global satellite-based environmental prediction system in the world. However, moving from idea to actually creating unique, high-resolution global weather predictions for the aviation industry, agriculture, maritime, hydrology, and other industries required meeting both technological and business challenges. Penguin Computing partnered with

WeatherTAP Global Weather WeatherTAP has partnered with EarthCast Technologies (ECT) to offer our subscribers access to global forecast data. ECT uses data from over 50 Earth-viewing satellites to initialize their global model. Each model product is forecasted in one-hour increments and covers a 36-hour period. The data sets are currently updated twice per day at

Typhoons in the Pacific Ocean, wave heights at Cape Horn, or the temperature in Anarctica — have access to it all with weatherTAP GLOBAL! WeatherTAP has partnered with EarthCast Technologies (ECT) to offer weatherTAP GLOBAL, predictive weather with worldwide coverage. It’s weather like you’ve never seen it before, combining global satellite observations with cutting-edge prediction has partnered with EarthCast Technologies (ECT) to offer its subscribers access to global forecast data with weatherTAP GLOBAL. Among other things, weatherTAP GLOBAL allows pilots and aviation professionals to see forecasted global turbulence, winds aloft and predictive radar and satellite for any location in the world. “Pilots can access weather forecasts for any location

Storms are rumbling already through northern parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, & Arkansas – but as the day progresses and daytime heating kicks in – a significant round of severe weather is expected for this afternoon and tonight for Texas and Oklahoma – eventually moving eastward. The EarthCast Global Model forecast of the winds at

This presentation is a compilation of material from leaders in the modeling, HPC & remote sensing communities. May you live in interesting times. Confucius Well, we live in interesting times. There is a modestly paced paradigm shift underway in our Modeling Community, influenced by unrelated external factors coming together at the same time. This isn

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