This presentation is a compilation of material from leaders in the modeling, HPC & remote sensing communities.

May you live in interesting times. Confucius Well, we live in interesting times. There is a modestly paced paradigm shift underway in our Modeling Community, influenced by unrelated external factors coming together at the same time. This isn t a bad situation, it isn t a setback for the Weather Enterprise, or the industries that depend on NWP and weather forecasts. We haven t experienced anything of this magnitude in the past 25 years and will probably not experience it again, quite so dramatically, in another 25 years. As critical users of forecast products, this presentation is meant to give you insight and guidance in determining how to navigate through this change and, perhaps, how to optimize your access to the weather information you need.

NWP Landscape Industry offerings now include products and output from their own model runs– Government Industry Academia UCAR, NCAR and the UCAR Universities. What are the drivers influencing NWP? Science Technology Observations NWP or Model Performance is influenced by advances in Atmospheric Science, HPC Technology and Earth Observations in concert with one another…

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