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EarthCast Technologies processes satellite observations from around the globe and uses the data in our advanced prediction technologies to generate highly precise information for monitoring and predictions. Our HyperResolution predictions provide extremely detailed information about weather, water and land conditions in near real time.


Turbulence Intensity Clearly Displayed

Mountain waves are a common feature along the Eastern Rocky Mountains due to the prevailing west-to-east flow over this region.

The EarthCast Technologies prediction and visualization systems clearly depict the areas of concern caused by the mountain waves making it possible to alter flight tracks in order to reduce exposure to these hazards.

EarthCast Technologies predictions can advise pilots and dispatch operations of the turbulence created by these mountain waves.

Turbulence in 3 Dimensions​

EarthCast Technologies clearly and precisely shows areas of turbulence in three dimensions providing detailed information for flight planning.

Our high resolution prediction capabilities provide unrivaled awareness of potential flight hazards hours in advance of the flight.

Knowing When and Where Storms Will Develop

The true test of any environmental prediction system is its ability to accurately predict where and when thunderstorms will develop.

The EarthCast Technologies prediction system is proven in its ability to predict the development of local storms providing you the time needed to proactively adjust operations before the event occurs.

With EarthCast Technologies precise predictions, you will no longer have to react to environmental hazards in real time. You can plan for them before they occur.

Amazing Details for Any Location

Finding weather information is not difficult. Finding meaningful and useful information - that is what matters. EarthCast Technologies predictions start with real time and highly precise data about what is happening on the land and in the atmosphere. We then use this information in our prediction system to generate extremely accurate information about what will happen in the future over your exact location.

These are not forecasts based on statistics and past weather events. These are real time measurements and predictions that can be generated for any location on the globe, no matter how remote.

The EarthCast Technologies system produces the most highly detailed forecasts you have ever seen.

What can we develop for you?

Customized Displays

EarthCast Technologies creates customized product displays that meet the needs of our customers. Some customers require realistic images of white three dimensional clouds, while others prefer to visualize the clouds in ways that represent altitude or specific hazards for easy-to-read situational awareness displays.

Truly Global to Local Capability

The power of the EarthCast Technologies prediction system is our ability to generate predictions for any place on the globe - including radar images over the open ocean or the most remote locations - places where radar networks don't exist.

Harnessing global observations for monitoring and predictions that cover the entire planet provides detailed information about the environment you can't get any other way.

Global Jet Stream and Winds

EarthCast Technologies provides detailed visualizations of any environmental element that impacts your operations.

From global clouds and radar to the position and strength of the jet stream. We customize each product to address the needs of our clients.

What do you need to know to improve operations and reduce your risk?

Know the Environmental Conditions Anywhere on the Planet.

With EarthCast Technologies - no location is too remote.

With EarthCast Technologies - nothing is a surprise.

Know the Future™

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