The need for environmental information goes far beyond checking the latest weather forecast. Environmental awareness is key to making informed decisions and protecting investments.

EarthCast Technologies delivers highly tailored products that provide in-depth information about the impacts of weather for any location on the globe.

Through detailed analysis and reporting – and constant monitoring of extremes and weather conditions, we provide the environmental awareness needed for making informed decisions.


Turning Data Into Information

We specialize in providing customized reports, assessments and maps that provide detailed information about the impacts of weather - for any location on the planet.

Our robust data handling and processing capabilities, combined with decades of experience in data analysis, allow us to deliver information that puts weather trends and extreme events into context.

Through GIS-based analysis, we provide specific information for any location or regional area on the planet. From weekly and seasonal analysis for a specific location, to regional trends that span decades - we analyze data and present the information needed for decision making.

Global Monitoring

EarthCast Technologies processes both land-based information and satellite observations from around the globe and provides detailed information about current weather trends.

From rain, temperature, Growing Degree Days, Cooling Degree Days, drought, heatwaves, freezes, snow melt, the ability to measure vegetation from satellites, and numerous other parameters - we are constantly monitoring conditions around the globe and are able to provide long and short-term context to current trends.

We pride ourselves on creating customized products to serve the unique needs of our customers and we deliver those in a mission-critical environment ensuring that you always have the information that you need.

Forecast Technologies

EarthCast Technologies innovative global monitoring and prediction products provide unparalleled situational awareness for every location on the planet.

We utilize high resolution global satellite observations in our cutting-edge prediction technology to produce revolutionary forecast products such as forecast radar. While this looks like animations of current radar - it really is a forecast that is available anywhere on Earth.

Our forecasts are available in several resolutions - from full global forecasts to extremely detailed and rapidly updating HyperLocal forecasts.

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