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Pioneering Earth System Monitoring & Prediction

On April 1, 1960, NASA launched the first weather satellite into orbit around the Earth. TIROS-1 revolutionized the way that we think about the Earth, providing us the ability to look back at our planet from space. Now, more than fifty years later, there are over 50 earth-viewing satellites in orbit that continuously monitor the Earth system, generating thousands of channels of global data in real time.

At EarthCast Technologies, LP, we combine these global observations with cutting-edge prediction technology using highly specialized super computers, to produce high resolution monitoring and prediction data for the entire Earth system.

The end result is that EarthCast produces extremely high resolution predictions for any place on the globe - in real time. This information, specifically designed for decision making, provides a truly global-to-local capability allowing you to prepare for what is coming, instead of just responding to it.

How is EarthCast Different?

In one word . . . Innovation.

At EarthCast Technologies, LP (ECT) we strive to develop innovative technologies for commercial products that enable mission-critical decision making about the environment. We serve public and private users with applications that safeguard lives and property while enhancing commerce. ECT continually pushes the boundaries of general understanding and application of environmental information - creating the foundation of innovation that distinguishes us from any other weather and environmental information service and technology company.

Our president and founder has spent his entire career exploring, defining, and predicting the Earth's combined air, sea and land systems. With a Ph.D. in Atmospheric Sciences and 40+ years of developing cutting-edge applications for Earth system science, he spent decades at NASA spearheading the development of Earth observing satellites that now monitor the entire planet. He also developed the technology in use today at almost every television station across the globe to track severe weather and tornadoes - literally changing the way we see weather every day and saving countless lives.

It is his expertise in understanding the global picture and his passion for developing innovative products that save lives and push the boundaries of our understanding of the environment that are the foundation of how we are different.

Today, ECT has grown to be a world leader in understanding and predicting the global Earth system for applied science and technologies. And, we continue to develop new technologies and products that provide critical information across the globe.

Understanding weather and the Earth system is our foundation, but being able to process the thousands of channels of satellite data coming from space and combining that with cutting edge prediction technology to produce revolutionary products is what makes ECT unique. Recent advances in technology make it possible for us to process the vast amounts of data that flow from the constellation of Earth observing satellites and we use these data to produce a complete and highly detailed assessment of the Earth in near real time.

Our team utilizes the latest technologies in data handling and high performance computing to combine this complex real time assessment with cutting edge prediction technology to create ultra precise monitoring, forecast, and analysis products. We also maintain long-term archives of global data for historical assessments and retrospective analyses for a wide range of international and domestic interests.

Why aren't others doing this?

There are more than 100 instruments on board the current constellation of Earth observing satellites that look back at our planet gathering critical data about the land, oceans and atmosphere. The data streams back to Earth as thousands of channels of data every minute of every day. How much data is that? About the size of the Library of Congress, every hour.

There are very few people in the world who understand the full breadth of observations that are made of the Earth and even fewer who know how to utilize the resulting satellite data feeds to generate information products. That knowledge, combined with years of experience in developing and refining the most advanced and accurate global prediction models and products are what makes EarthCast so unique.

It is in our nature to push the boundaries of science and technology by developing innovative and never-before-seen tools and products that will change the way that we use environmental information for critical decision-making.

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